aa22d.zip 67.83 KB Jun 19 2023
Axehandlers Arena v2.2d - LORD IGM
This LORD IGM threatens to BLOW the rest
ab09c.zip 70.06 KB Jun 19 2023
   Axehandlers BattleGrounds v0.9c - LORD IGM
    Put your users in control of their own        
    FULL RIP.. ** CHECK IT OUT!!! ** 
act5.zip 55.42 KB Jun 19 2023
. Across The Tracks v5
-=-FreeWare Lord IGM-=-=-
Explore the ghetto on the
other side of the tracks.
adom09c.zip 53.26 KB Jun 19 2023
     Axehandlers Dominion v0.9c - LORD IGM
adptmk15.zip 28.64 KB Jun 19 2023
     Adoption Market v1.15 LORD IGM
    Freeware IGM - Lets you adopt
   kids and put your own kids up for
    adoption! Very Good IGM Idea!!
          -=-= BUG FIX =-=-
akcty21p.zip 68.66 KB Jun 19 2023
The City Of The Sun God 2.10p
LORD IGM -- RTE200 patch
by Children of Galaexy
alad101.zip 41.56 KB Jun 19 2023
Aladdins Bar v 1.01  -  LORD IGM
The first multi-node  interactive
IGM for LORD.  Supports up to 150
nodes,  and  150  users at  once.
Supports   actions,   LORD  color
codes, "Clean Mode"  bad language
filter  and RAM  drive for better
performance.   Now  supports  ALL
drop  file  types   supported  by
LORD.  Totally free!
anarch11.zip 23.80 KB Jun 19 2023
The Lord Anarchist v1.1 Beta - LORD IGM.
       The Anarchist 1.1 Beta      
   First Local Made IGM For Lord.  
   Have an anarchist for players   
   to hire to wreck havoc in the   
   game.Disfigure other players to 
   reduce their charm, transex     
   them, sabotage their weapons.   
                           By Njo  
apoth176.zip 62.46 KB Jun 19 2023
The Apothecary v1.76 -- a LORD IGM.
Visit with potionmaster, The Apothecary.  
Find items along the way to his shop, buy 
potions, make friends.  Companion IGM to 
Grizeldas House (by same author).  
apv201x.zip 1.60 KB Jun 19 2023
Aladdins Palace v2.01 LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update of v2.00.
** This file has been removed from
distribution.  If you dont have the
replace option turned on, please
delete this file (apv201.zip)
manually.  Purpose of removal request
is to avoid possible copyright
violation.  Donald Tidmore. ***
August 30, 2002.
arena20.zip 45.09 KB Jun 19 2023
The Arena Of Lords v2.0 - IGM For
Legend Of The Red Dragon. Fight the
gladiator and win TONS of gold and
gems *IF* you can beat him. 
arenav2.zip 40.33 KB Jun 19 2023
Haldars Arena v2.0b - LORD IGM
Another fighting arena IGM for LORD 
with new features, such as sysop configuable
monsters.  A user pays for fights with gems
instead of gold in this IGM.
** Ok, so maybe the first one wasnt the best,**
** but version 2 fixes the bugs and adds some **
** cool features.  Check it out!              **
artim11b.zip 38.54 KB Jun 19 2023
Aragorns Timer - v1.1
Freeware IGM for Lord 4.05+
Can you guess the old mans
number in time?
asyvi202.zip 260.50 KB Jun 19 2023
                             Lord IGM            
                         The Arkhaim Asylum      
                           Version: 2.02         
                            Full Release         
                    Programed By & Story Line By:
                         Christian Danychuk      
                        Sysop Of: The Firm BBS   
             (c) Gorath   Lord V: 3.55 or Higher 
                              File 1 of 1
ba506-1.zip 51.49 KB Jun 19 2023
BackAlley Bar v5.06 for LORD 
v3.55+.  Drugs, whores,player 
humiliation, assinations, 
stay the night, special 
drinks, even get killed!
The BAR To Be BAD!
bac403-1.zip 33.84 KB Jun 19 2023
For LORD v3.55.  Players can force
marriage, divorce, reincarnate 
players to kill them again,
burn incense, confess sins,
maybe even get KILLED!
baldur20.zip 150.63 KB Jun 19 2023
旼컴컴컴컴컴퀼袴袴)  (袴
             BALDURS CAMP v2.0 LORD In Game Modu
                     Black Acid Productions      
 Baldurs Camp gives the players a wide variety o
 aside from the actual game. There is the Rat Rac
 ANSI-mated race that the players can bet on whic
 the race and the ANSImation is fully ANSI aware 
 players do not have ANSI support it will not sho
 it is optional anyways!  Then there is the Arena
 players may go and fight other monsters and win 
 not allow the users to fight more then their For
 day. The Sewers let the users walk around in an 
 dungeon and run into monsters they can fight.  T
 users have a drink or talk to the bartender.    
                 $2 Shareware is WELL worth it!  
읕컴컴컴컴컴퀼袴袴)  (袴
bao302-1.zip 31.30 KB Jun 19 2023
Now your players can adopt or ditch 
their kids.  Play tricks on them, etc. 
SysOp Defined Number Of Kids and Costs.
New Dungeon Adventure!
barak202.zip 60.35 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Baraks House V2.02 : LORD IGM=-
In Game  Module for the door LORD.    
Your users can  meet Barak and his
crazy mother!  -=-=-  By Seth Able
UPDATED to remove RTE:200 Error by
Vagabond Software. 
bbt100.zip 31.10 KB Jun 19 2023
Bartons Battle Training:  A great IGM (In
Game Module) for LORD 3.26+.  Barton can  
very helpful in learning new combat skills   
to enable you to kill that nasty dragon!    
From OT-SOFT                                      
bd100.zip 58.90 KB Jun 19 2023
| DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!!!  |
| THEIR OWN SHOPS!!!!!!!!  |
|     = fAZE SOFT =     |
bgss11.zip 116.37 KB Jun 19 2023
-=-=-=- Biggies Smoke Shop v1.1 -=-=-=-=
          Free IGM For LORD
 Buy A Pack Of Smokes From Biggie For
 Motivation, Or Try To Raid Biggies
 Warehouse To See What Suprise You
         Major Bugfixes..
  < Free From The Datashack BBS >
blord151.zip 22.01 KB Jun 19 2023
旼 Another product from the Bubbly Factory 커
   幡   幡       幡 幡 幡          
   幡   幡 賽      幡   Ver 1.51 
   賽 賽 賽    賽 賽   賽           
    An Add-on for LORD Version 3.20+, to   
  generate random events like changing of  
 certain attributes, and also a BANK-CRASH 
 option! Real kool! A must for BBSes that  
             runs LORD 3.20+               
 NEW VERSION includes Random Flirting and  
 Flaming of players, and other new stuffs  
 Added New Support for External Flame File 
 Added the RAMPAGING of the Bubbly Monster 
 1.51 includes writing mails in the INN or 
 the Dark Cloak Tavern. Allow use of pipe  
 codes and more commandlines options added 
             ** FREE WARE **               
bston11.zip 67.90 KB Jun 19 2023
The Blarney Stone v1.10 LORD IGM
-- Docs/Batch file update
The Blarney Stone v1.0  is a once a
day, random effect oriented IGM for
Legend of the Red Dragon.   Players
can visit Castle Blarney, and climb
a tower to kiss the blarney  stone.
Effects  range from getting a horse
to increasing various stats.
FREEWARE from New Realm Interactive
By Charles Mandeville.
carnival.zip 47.11 KB Jun 19 2023
Willy Tarts Carnival v1.0 
Thats right folks! The carnival is about to hit 
town and everyones invited!
Test your strength with Samson the fighting bear,
sharpen your skills at the Shooting Gallery,
maybe get a tarot card reading...
whatever you choose to do youre guaranteed
LOTS of fun!
cave10.zip 81.40 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The caverns of the
cave14.zip 89.96 KB Jun 19 2023
      The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.4 LORD IGM
For LORD 3.25+ - Additions to RHP system!  13
different random actions, plus the ability
for you to make your own, called RHPs!  This
SETUP installs and uninstalls in seconds!
Does not need a BBS dropfile and uses non-
standard Com ports!  FREEWARE.
CAVE14A.ZIP 89.76 KB Jun 19 2023
     The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.4a LORD IGM
For LORD 3.25+ - Only fixes for OS/2.  13
different random actions, plus the ability
for you to make your own, called RHPs!  This
SETUP installs and uninstalls in seconds!
Does not need a BBS dropfile and uses non-
standard Com ports!  FREEWARE.
cave15.zip 111.33 KB Jun 19 2023
The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.4M LORD IGM
-- Non-public Beta release --
Designed for LORD v3.25+, and tested
with v4.07 beta.  Changes include:
-- spelling/grammar error fixes; New
or revised Troll/Riddler questions;
Updated IGM Setup program, with easier
to read screen text, and easier to
use RHP list/remove/install menu
screens.  Brand new Crab Pinch event
in river;  Revised Fall over Cliff
event;  Rewritten Lost Child, Lost
Warrior, Skeleton, Troll and Riddler
events;  Game now allows adoption of
up to 15 Kids, limited to 3 per day.
Added Maximum loss/gain limits for all
rewards/penalties involving Max
Hitpoints, Strength, Defense, and
Experience points.  Added gain/loss of
Skill Use points to Riddler event.
Several NEW RHP Codes now available.
Freeware door game by Jason Brown;
Maintained by Donald Tidmore.
Email: Jason - jmbrown@pcisys.net, and
Donald - ktidmore@bellsouth.net.
CAVE17.ZIP 161.09 KB Jun 19 2023
The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.7 LORD IGM
** Freeware IGM by Jason Brown.
** Maintained by Donald Tidmore.
** Officially released on 06/11/2005.
** Official distribution on 06/11/05.
** NOT for use with LORD/32 Beta.
Designed for LORD v3.25+, and tested
with v4.07 beta. v1.6 changes Summary:
Riddler event will not allow Skill Use
Points to be below zero.  Skeleton now
gives slightly better value in weapon
and armour exchanges.  The IGM supports
#16+ weapon/armour numbers now.  New
River event added.  Some penalties were
decreased, and some rewards increased at
request of beta tester Michael Everett.
IGM config allows sysops to set new Kids
per Visit adoption limit, up to 4. It
also now includes IGM Path entry.  Some
new riddles were added for Troll and the
Riddler.  Some new RHP codes were added,
and more now work in Math formulas.
June 2004: Mostly internal code updates.
New Setup program LCSETUP.EXE added.
New cave monster: Gryphon.
Sep. 2004: Added Lord News entries when
player gets new weapon or armour from
the Caverns Skeleton.
* LCSETUP.EXE updated to fine-tune the
Configure, Install and Un-Install
processes in early December 2004.
* IGM will automatically fix any
negative LORD stats a player has at
IGM entry/exit, as of 01/19/2005.
* The IGM now creates 2 Usage Reports
in CAVE-USE.TXT disk file during the
IGM exit process, as of 01/21/2005.
* LCSETUP.EXEs main menu has option
for viewing the IGM Usage Reports. If
cave-use.txt does not exist, and the
Lordcave.dat file does exists, the
process creates a new reports file.
Effective on 01/23/05.
* IGMs STATS screen revised to display
Children and Adoptions Today data in
top part of screen, before the Skills
data is shown. 02/02/2005.
** Added support for LCSETUP REPORT
command for direct access/viewing of
IGMs Usage Reports file. 02/06/2005.
** Modified max Exp Points rewards for
Riddler, Troll, Lost Child and Lost
Warrior events to 25,000 points; 35,000
points; 45,000 points; and 55,000 points
respectively. 03/09/2005.
** Added Healing for injured players to
"drink from River" event. ** Added 2 new
questions in Riddlers event.  03/09/05.
** Added 2 new riddles to Trolls event
on 03/10/2005.
** IGM will display the on-screen IGM
Usage Reports for ALL players, instead
of just the Sysop user, as of 03/11/05.
Freeware door game by Jason Brown;
Maintained by Donald Tidmore.
Email: Jason - jmbrown@pcisys.net, and
  Donald - donald.tidmore@usa.net, or
  gtidmore@hiwaay.net, or
ccigm11b.zip 213.03 KB Jun 19 2023
 * * * CASTLE COLDDRAKE  v/1.1b * * *
     The ultimate IGM for LORD!       
Ask the Alchemist  to change your gems
into gold!  Dice with the Bored Guard!
See how long you can bear the Jesters
dumb jokes!   Or,  beg a boon of  King
Morphea!  All these odd folks and more
await you in the Great Hall!          
Or wander out to the Courtyard,  where
you can  try your  skill at archery or
hawking!  See if you can  best  Prince
Poutanwine  and  his  cronies  on  the
jousting  field!  Feeling  weary after
killing  forest monsters  all day?  Go
for a relaxing ride in the countryside
or a walk in the castle gardens!      
And, if good Fortune smiles  upon you,
perhaps youll meet a Mouse someday...
 * Produced  by  Digital  Software *  
 * Original storyline by KJ Radkey *  
 *    Registration is only $10     *  
chan2fin.zip 190.36 KB Jun 19 2023
-= The Changeling v2.0 Final - Lord IGM =-
Visit the  Changeling and  see if you can
survive  to  reap the rewards.  Contains
executable of main program compiled  with  
Kdrive doorkit v7.2 & Angel doorkit v1.0 
Copyright 2002 Charlie Wardick-(ChasWare) 
(RTFM)                        <>        
chance15.zip 52.22 KB Jun 19 2023
     Chances Caf  v1.5     
       An IGM for LORD       
     Visit Chance at his     
   other favorite hang out   
  and try a cup of his best  
   Chat with your friends,   
    and visit the garden!    
   illusion software 96   
circus20.zip 63.42 KB Jun 19 2023
Circus of Freaks LORD IGM v2.0!
Beat up  the mimes,  stomp  the
midgets,   lace the   elephants
food with exlax! And much more!
Tired of the same IGMs that all
are   the same   bars, inns, or
are just  the same  big  arena?
This IGM is for the mischevious
user in Lord. Lord Sysop,   you
owe to your users to check this
wicked IGM out!
clinic15.zip 49.53 KB Jun 19 2023
旼컴   + The Surgical Clinic +   컴커
             Version 1.5
           An IGM for LORD
  Visit the Clinic Today! Tired of 
  being manly? Womanly? We can fix
  that little problem! Want out of
  your miserable little existance?
    Come right in and sit down.
읕컴     illusion software     컴켸
cn20.zip 96.78 KB Jun 19 2023
Cathedral of  Nalishar  is  an  IGM  for
Legend of the  Red  Dragon.  Because the
timeframe of  LORD is set in a time that
was  religion-oriented,  this  IGM helps
expound upon that.  This  IGM includes a
small amount of AI,  things  to  do  for
good players AND bad players, etc... The
biggest  project to  date  from  Digital
Cathedral of Nalishar  was   written  in
QuickBasic 4.5 using QWKIGM  programming
library for IGMs, (c) Ballistic Labs.
Registration is only $3.00!!!
co-005.zip 131.35 KB Jun 19 2023
Caldors Orphanage v0.05  - LORD IGM
  An orphange where players can adopt 
 children to gain extra forest fights.  
 Many hidden commands...A Lot of things 
 to do!
 A Crazy Boy Production  ($5)
cod101.zip 104.42 KB Jun 19 2023
  Caves Of Despair v1.01 - A LORD IGM
Caves Of Despair  is an  In Game  Module
by  Jeff Fanjoy, for  Legend Of  the Red
Dragon.  Features include monsters which
span all  12 levels of LORD, a  complete
mail system so that users under a multi-
node environment  arent "cut-off" while
using the IGM as well as many events for
the entertainment of the LORD enthusiast
COL210.ZIP 63.91 KB Jun 19 2023
The long awaited update of the great
IGM! All known bugs were fixed, comm
drivers were updated, etc.
Archonware BBS : (540)341-1865
col220.zip 63.83 KB Jun 19 2023
Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.20 LORD IGM
The long awaited update of the great
IGM!  All known bugs were fixed, comm
drivers were updated, etc. By Trevor
Herndon.  RTE200 Patch update version
prepared by Donald Tidmore for Trevor.
col230.zip 79.90 KB Jun 19 2023
Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.30 LORD IGM
Hex-edit patch update released on 05/14/2007.
IGM created by Trevor Herndon.  Based upon
v2.20s RTE200 Patch Update.  Allows access
to all IGM events including The Palace and
The Arena.  Authorized IGM update created
and distributed by Donald Tidmore.
dae402p.zip 339.40 KB Jun 19 2023
Daemonica SaTans Dominion 4.02 LORD IGM
New options, New menus, Bugfixes, still
the coolest. Check it out!
Downloaded from Children of Galaexy
dbmv73.zip 99.12 KB Jun 19 2023
  -=-=Dragons Breath Mountain v.73=-=-  
An IGM for LORD. Multi-BBS, Multi-Node,  
MultiTasking Aware and it can be in its  
own directory. A whole new mountain top  
to explore and conquer. Unlock the power 
and mystery that is within.              
**Fixes the "F1 for command" bug**       
**Has its own Monster Editor!**          
**Easy Installation and Configuration!** 
Written By: Ricky Friesen
dbs102.zip 54.93 KB Jun 19 2023
Dragons Breath Square V1.02, LORD IGM.
In Game Module for the door game LORD.  Several sh
including a clinic, casino, church, a school and m
the biggest and best IGMs yet.  Only $1.00 to regi
By Alan Edward Boyer.
dcl201.zip 157.77 KB Jun 19 2023
Dragons Claw Tavern v2.01 - LORD IGM
  Dragons Claw Tavern, (DCLord), adds
 another Tavern to LORD, and underground
 realm, Wendy(!), new weapons and armour 
 to buy.  And a whole lot more!
  LORD 3.50+ REQUIRED to Stay the Night!!  
 A Crazy Boy Production  ($5)
ddc-025.zip 65.77 KB Jun 19 2023
  Dragons Den Casino v0.25 - LORD IGM BETA!
  Dragons Den Casino, (DDCasino), adds
 a Casino to the Realm of the Red Dragon.
 5 Games now... More to come!
 A Crazy Boy Production  (CallWare)
dklv220b.zip 41.26 KB Jun 19 2023
Loads of fun and adds spice to
your LORD game. *EIGHT* possible
prizes and it wont unbalance
the game!  Now supports the
LORD dropfiles and no longer
requires an external program
for daily maintenance.
dlair18.zip 58.03 KB Jun 19 2023
-=-=-=-=Red Dragons Lair v1.8=-=-=-=-
  An IGM for Seth Robinsons Legend
  of the Red Dragon, where you can
  Mine for Gems, Pan for Gold, fight
  the Green or the Purple Dragon, &
  Check-out Dragon Queens Market,
  plus many other challenges.
  Written with Korombos Pascal
  IGMDRV. Only $5 to register.
dream02.zip 32.05 KB Jun 19 2023
Castle of the DreamLord 0.02 LORD IGM
Fixes the bug that was in 01    
FREEWARE!!!!!! So why not download it?
dtu13.zip 51.85 KB Jun 19 2023
Dragon Town University v1.3 IGM 
 Go to school! Real questions
 definable by sysop.  Great! 
 Enter only once a day.        
 Dekka Visions(c) 1995       
dweeb128.zip 107.81 KB Jun 19 2023
Dweebo The Geeks Clubhouse v1.28
A silly little FREEWARE in-game module
for Legend of the Red Dragon.  By
Michael P. Hoffmann.
eman131b.zip 42.38 KB Jun 19 2023
        Strong Man Is e-Man World V.1.31 Beta
     Freeware Lord IGM By Charles J. Feldmeier, Jr
         Now You Can Play Pac-Man To Win Gold... 
     Support: The Weible Street Station (Space Dud
        Internet E-mail: ccc@telerama.lm.com
          WWW Page: http://www.lm.com/~ccc
eros70.zip 52.56 KB Jun 19 2023
City of Eros v.70 an IGM for LORD 
Add a new city to LORD with many 
things to do and experience.
written by: Daniel Owens
et200-1.zip 29.93 KB Jun 19 2023
Elaikses Tower v2.00- A LORD IGM
For LORD v3.55.  No more limiting
functions.  Just good clean fun!
fair407.zip 197.66 KB Jun 19 2023
Spend a Day at the Fair. Visit Balloon Pop &
Medicine Man. Be a Pie Eating Champ. Plant a 
wet one on a sweetie at the Kissing Booth. 
Join the Spear Toss & Javelin Throw Tourneys.
Haunted & Enchanted Forests. Fairy Catch. 
Slosh enemies in the Dunk Tank! MoonChat.
Guess Fairys Weight. Optional LORD IGM.
------------------= * =---------------------
fel2_1.zip 117.18 KB Jun 19 2023
 -=-=- Felicitys Temple v2.1  LORD IGM -=-=-
   A new IGM for LORD. Explore this Ancient
   Temple. Meet Felicity, and her disciples
   Try to find the Janitor! Pray for Stats!
       Easy Configuration and Set-up!!
      TechN Software - Lloyd Hannesson
fg_2-2.zip 68.00 KB Jun 19 2023
Fun & Games
This IGM will allow your callers to
play 3 different games to gain some
"stuff." A numbers guessing game,
a fortune tellers wagon, and a word
scramble game! Completely SysOp
configurable. Comes with a simple
utility that allows you to add words
to the scrambled words game database!
PostCard Ware, by SHARKware!
Copyright (c) 1995, 1999 SHARKware
fires101.zip 157.89 KB Jun 19 2023
Fireside Chat 1.01 (tm) IGM by G.A.C. 
Computer Services.  MULTINODE REALTIME user 
chat by the fireside.  Allows users to chat
LORD GAMES!  Support for all BBSs and comm 
routines LORD supports, original ANSI art, 
RIP, chat actions.  NO MODIFICATIONS, just
multi-lord game chat!  Players can page
another player in ANY lord game from the
fireside.  Works with Major BBS Correctly!
fish10.zip 92.05 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... Lets go fishing...
try your luck in the creek,
the river, or even the ocean.
flea111.zip 49.36 KB Jun 19 2023
The Red Dragon Flea Market v1.11 LORD IGM
    Freeware IGM where users can buy
    and sell stuff. The Red Dragon Pet
    Shop is in the market so when you
    get this file, sysops, delete
    PTSHP10A.ZIP from the board.
    Now includes United Red Dragon
           ****BUG FIX****
fmm104a.zip 116.89 KB Jun 19 2023
Fat Mans Misery v1.04a - LORD IGM.
 Fat Mans Misery! ver 1.04a - IGM for LORD
 Seth A. Robinson says, "Wow! I like it!!  
 I approve of it. It actually has some new 
 and interesting things! Nice new formats."
 The game is based on the premise that a   
 player who is too fat with gold and gems, 
 must drop some before exiting through a   
 small slit in the mountain.  Game editor, 
 Multiple heathens in a fight, ability to  
 use skills, hidden choices, a contest,    
 2 games and many more challenging choices.
 Written in Turbo Pascal 7.0 using DDPLUS. 
       (c) 1996 by John A. Tucker          
foi101-1.zip 51.55 KB Jun 19 2023
Forest Of Intrigue - LORD IGM
FOI v1.00 for LORD v3.55.  
Explore the forest, over 30
separate events.  There is a
method for finding all events.
No rewards without risks!
Stay In The Forest or Dungeon!
Fight new Monsters!
forge10.zip 82.50 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The Forgery. v1.0
Take the 35 gold piece tour, or perhaps you
might prefer to apply for a job....
ftown10.zip 163.15 KB Jun 19 2023
Fairy Town IGM  Version 1.00 for LORD.
Visit  Fairy  Town  and  discover its
hidden  secrets.   Adoptions.   Games.
Fight the Giants!  Find the Amazon  or
the   Trojan   Warrior,  if  you  can!
Exchange your  Gems  for Potions.  Try
your luck at  the  Poker  Casino  too.
Catch  a  Fairy or set your Fairy free
for  very   special   rewards!   Fully
multinode capable. Super-easy install.
fworld57.zip 271.97 KB Jun 19 2023
galag15.zip 53.39 KB Jun 19 2023
Help Gallagher make some of the
most disguesting pies around and
then smack them into the crowd
for various amount of rewards.
By Chuck Culver.
galwar2p.zip 192.52 KB Jun 19 2023
Galactic Warriors 2.00p LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch
IGM by Children of Galaexy
Simply the finest. Check This out!
gateway.zip 147.66 KB Jun 19 2023
.鋏 The Gate Way To Heaven 薔.
       New IGM for lord 
Find the gods and get there help
  Buy Potions,Catch Fairys
      And Much Much More
                 By Arthur Lewis
gemtr106.zip 5.62 KB Jun 19 2023
The Gem Trader - LADY script for LORD
gra1_8.zip 107.41 KB Jun 19 2023
 -=- The Warriors Graveyard v1.8 LORD IGM -=-
  A new IGM for LORD. Explore this graveyard.
  Meet the Grave digger or the Old Hag. Try
  to find the Ghosts who haunt this place!
       Easy Configuration and Set-up!!
             !!! FREEWARE !!!
      TechN Software - Lloyd Hannesson
GRAVE330.ZIP 68.99 KB Jun 19 2023
The GraveYard v3.3  LORD IGM
 Multi-Node!  Multi-line systems
Written By Tommy Baker, Dig up
graves and steal their treasures or
travel to a shop, collect items on
the way there, and trade for rewards. 
grave34x.zip 344.00 Bytes Jun 19 2023
The GraveYard v3.40 LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update of v3.30.
** This file has been removed from
distribution.  If you dont have the
replace option turned on, please delete
this file (grave340.zip) manually.
Removal is due to possible copyright
violation.  Donald Tidmore. ***
greasy10.zip 76.71 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM. The Greasy Spoon. Are you really
all that hungry? Or did you come to woo the
griz176.zip 56.88 KB Jun 19 2023
Grizeldas House v1.76 -- a LORD IGM.
Visit with LORDs backup barmaid -- 
Grizelda! Also appearing are her mom 
and(if youre female) her brother.  
Companion IGM to The Apothecary by Bryan 
Stanbridge.  *FREEWARE*
gstore13.zip 44.98 KB Jun 19 2023
SpellBindeRs General Store 1.30
An "OTHER PLACES" Add-on for Seth
Ables Legend of the Red Dragon 3.26
gtc100.zip 4.22 KB Jun 19 2023
Garrisons Training Center  v1.0  for Legend of th
Enter the Training Center to receive some extra he
Red Dragon.  Train with Court early on, and once y
advanced warrior, train with the Great Garrison, h
your strength, defense, and endurance every day!
Requires LORD 3.5 or higher and The Gateway IGM 1.
guess101.zip 27.12 KB Jun 19 2023
      Lord Guess v1.01 
  Big Payoffs for the very 
  lucky LoRD player.  1 in
  100 are the chances.
guild.zip 60.05 KB Jun 19 2023
Players Guild LORD IGM
gym220.zip 81.97 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Morphs Gymnasium LORD IGM 2.20=-
Rerelease of version 2.16,  updated
to fix RTE200 errors      20Jan2002
highwa15.zip 55.82 KB Jun 19 2023
旼컴 Wonderland Software 컴컴컴커
     輻   霜                   
   輻    HIGHWAYMAN V1.5        
  霜輻  霜    旼 쳐 旼       
           읕 읕   읕       
쿔GM for Legend of the Red Dragon
 Match wits with a notorious band
 of theives as you travel through
 the forest to kill the Red Dragon
 Solve riddles or fight your way
 out, or if they like you head to
 thier encampment and mingle....
 Its up to you warrior!!!!
    BCSHARE file sharing
- MAD HATTER BBS (919) 736-8005 -
hits150.zip 90.75 KB Jun 19 2023
Hiding in the Shadows v1.50 LORD IGM
One of the best IGMs to date! From
the mind of Kenneth Padgett. Take a
trip to the underground lair,  meet
Alec McCour and LieLani,  his beau-
tiful sister!  Options never before
seen in other IGMs and THE easiest
IGM config program ever! GET IT NOW
Freeware RTE 200 Patch update release
Email contact: maverick@lords.com
hmb3.zip 33.52 KB Jun 19 2023
  HateMail LORD IGM
 Third eta version
 minimal set-up.
 only needs path to
 lord. installs and
 un-installs itself
 reads no dropfiles
 (c) 1995 CyST
 Productions and
 Mike Eheler
holdho17.zip 37.75 KB Jun 19 2023
Holding House  Lord IGM
Multi-BBS, Multi-Node, MultiTasking
aware. Lives in it own directory, not
in the Lord directory. 1 minute
installation progam.  Store Gold,
gems, Fairies, horses. If registered
store KIDS, get interest, breed
fairies & horses.
by Allyn Cross
hotel11.zip 58.75 KB Jun 19 2023
Anastasias Honeymoon Hotel v1.10
LORD IGM -- RTE200 Patch update.
From Trevor Herndon, the author of
Violets Cottage and many others,
this IGM has LOTS of new stuff! A
Post Office, Gift Shop, Pool, etc.
Worth the download to check out!
hs310.zip 27.44 KB Jun 19 2023
Hidden Spring of Turgon v3.10 LORD IGM
 Cool New IGM For LORD, Name your 
 weapon, armor, YOURSELF, Find    
 money, get a horse. Much More.   
Emperial Software -- 1996, 2002
By Rick Smorawski.  RTE 200 Patch
update by Donald Tidmore, done on
Ricks behalf.
hutv20.zip 106.05 KB Jun 19 2023
  The Village Hut LORD IGM
-=-=-Official Release 1.3=-=-
  This IGM will be a great add-on
to any system!  Proven to be a
excellent LORD addition!  A lot
of things to find...
Very easy to install and setup.
Extensivly beta-tested to ensure
that it is bug-free!
Requires a 386+/LORD 3.26a+
igmh_1-8.zip 69.97 KB Jun 19 2023
SHARKware presents IGMH,
a Haunted Mansion IGM for
LORD. A fun IGM with lots
of places to explore.
Capture the ghost and
recieve a gift. Multi-user
aware. Multi-BBS aware!
Seth Ables color codes.
SHARKware Freeware!
ilord300.zip 354.47 KB Jun 19 2023
Inter-LORD 3.00 Inter-BBS Gaming for LORD 
Provides an easy to use Inter-BBS option for LORD.
NOW USES BRE HOST style routing system using file
attaches.  Works with our without The Realm
of Vanadia Series of Inter-IGMs.  It has many
advanced features, many ANSI graphics, RIP, 
lots of user interaction, and solid game
play.  Minor Upgrade Y2K Fix, and all
reported bugs have been fixed.  
jadov160.zip 154.90 KB Jun 19 2023
Jadov v1.60 Beta - The IGM for LORD 3.50+
** Price Drop ** :)
Massive things Added...  Tons to do, this will
be the most kick-ass IGM ever..  Just wait and see
More than 30 areas to explore...  (and those are 
Main areas, which break down into over hundreds of
things to do!)  So download me already, DamnIt!
jewel12.zip 40.26 KB Jun 19 2023
The Jewler 1.2 Program & Design by Ahkenaton
                   Copyright (C) 1995       
joane105.zip 72.33 KB Jun 19 2023
   Joannes Tavern - 1.05   
     IGM for LORD 3.26a     
     Multi-Node Support     
juancho8.zip 155.45 KB Jun 19 2023
Juanchos Paradise v1.8
An IGM for Seth Ables L.O.R.D.
You can visit Juanchos Forest 
many other places... a must for LORD
junkyd10.zip 36.39 KB Jun 19 2023
       The L.O.R.D Junkyard v1 - LORD IGM
    A small PUBLIC DOMAIN IGM for the Legend
    of the Red Dragon. Easy install/uninstall!
k9igm413.zip 430.57 KB Jun 19 2023
                      K9IGM4 Version 1.0 LORD IGM
                       Four quick and fun IGMs 
                     Do not take away or overide
                          normal game play.
kaldor20.zip 135.68 KB Jun 19 2023
Kaldors Court is an IGM  for Legend  of
the  Red  Dragon.  Kaldors  features  a
Marketplace   to  buy   certain   things
(sorry, you cannot buy  hitpoints,  def.
points, etc.. I didnt  feel  that being
able to buy  those types of things added
to the realism of the game), a Temple to
pray,  and an  Inn  to  socialize,  and.
more!  As  the  programming on this  IGM
progresses, more options may be added.
Kaldors Court was written in QuickBasic
4.5 using QWKIGM programming library for
IGMs, (c) Ballistic Labs.
Registration is now only $2.00!!!
kfs1-253.zip 74.13 KB Jun 19 2023
Dragons Castle v2.53 LORD IGM
Authorized RTE200 Patch update
ANSI INtro, Status Line, Graveyard,
Temple, Castle, Tavern, Bank, Energy
Shop, Weapons, Armour, Dice, New Bard,
Ruffles, Prince(ss), King ... Better
N Better.  By Kaolin Fire Stockinger
  Email: cognosco@tentacle.net
  RTE200 Fix released on Aug. 01, 2002.
kfs4-101.zip 45.54 KB Jun 19 2023
Hospital Lobby v1.10 LORD IGM
Authorized RTE200 Patch update
Go down the elevator, and vent your
insanity in the Lobby.  Who is crazier
... you or the author of this IGM?
By Kaolin Fire Stockinger
Email: cognosco@tentacle.net
kiss.zip 48.21 KB Jun 19 2023
**********The Magic Kiss**********
An IGM for LORD from Sidewinder Software.
Accept a kiss from the magical fairies and
begin the journey of a lifetime!
The chance to be transported to any one of 
4 unique worlds. 
Meet the gods of Ancient Egypt, try your 
luck in The Gamblers Paradise, see whats 
cooking up at The Alchemists Lab and even 
relax at The Health Farm. Wherever you end 
up its sure to be great fun for all!
klh110.zip 347.55 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Kanens Lotto Hut v1.10: LORD IGM=-
In Game Module for the door LORD.    
Take your chance with Numbers.
Lottery Game for LORD players.
klh111.zip 274.52 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Kanens Lotto Hut v1.11: LORD IGM=-
This is a Patch to Version 1.10
Download only if you are using Version 1.10
Wild!Side Software 904-347-7358
knight70.zip 57.78 KB Jun 19 2023
Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe v0.70
LORD IGM -- RTE200 patch update
For L.O.R.D. v3.50+ - IGM version 0.70
A little different twist to IGM 
programming... The first IGM to allow
sleeping somewhere other than the Inn!!
Easy to install, and configure.
Registration: Only $5.00
kob002wb.zip 211.77 KB Jun 19 2023
Kingdom of Barabadore - vers 0.02WB
Lord mega IGM.  Explore the island of
Barabadore. Form Teams.  Hire Henchmen.
Use arrows and slings. Perform Quests.
Resurrect the dead.  Gain rank and
privilege.  Sysop can design their own
monsters and hirelings.
DDPLus/DDIGM - Wide Beta
Supports most popular BBS Software
packages, including PCBoard Vers 15
& WildCat 3.9. With Rip graphics,
supports non-standard interrupts, com
1-4, IRQs 0-15, and speeds up to 115,
200 baud.
latrin32.zip 105.43 KB Jun 19 2023
-= The Latrine v3.2 for LORD =-
Its FREE! The Latrine gets bigger
and better.  Added RIP! Put in a
hidden Inn. No more major bugs!
New Support By Vagabond Software
lclan1_0.zip 132.05 KB Jun 19 2023
Clan Masters Inn v1.0 LORD IGM
            Clan Masters Inn            
   A *FAIR* L.O.R.D. IGM for team play   
An excellent add-on module for the Legend
Of the Red Dragon door game.  Lets your
players form and fight as teams, but
doesnt ruin your LORD game.  Online duels
with 12 people!  High Quality and bug-free.
ldtrx115.zip 79.75 KB Jun 19 2023
LORD TRX!  Version 1.15.  Socrates Shop IGM.
A SocraSoft In Game Module for use with Seth Able 
immensely popular "Legend of the Red Dragon" versi
New features!  Bug fixes!  Shareware $5.
ldwhr13.zip 83.16 KB Jun 19 2023
   A Dragons Mistress Production
      Fantasy Warez,Ink.
The Lords Brothel - IGM for Lord
Chasity belt, Treasure chests, and
have fun with Girls/Guys
The Most Configureable IGM out there
    COMPLETE RE-WRITE (05/30/95)
le100a.zip 48.21 KB Jun 19 2023
*=--LoRD eXPLoReR! v1.00a: LORD IGM--=*
The Ultimate Lord IGM! This IGM is a.....
IGM Expander (up to 90),  IGM Randomizer,
Horse Stables (buy, sell, or win), hidden
keys, and much more!!   **All for FREE!**
This IGM has been in development,  & beta
testing for over 2 months!  Bugless!  
From Mullins Software,  (1-918-457-3453).
lest10.zip 148.59 KB Jun 19 2023
Lesters Palace IGM for Legend of the Red
Dragon. New IGM Put it on all LORDs.
lhfun20.zip 30.21 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Lets Have Fun! v1.8 LORD IGM=-
Copyright 1994-95 Chad Schwartz
All Rights Reserved
  This is a LORD IGM that I think
your users will LOVE!  There is a
few hidden things, so I hope you
like them!  
lhh101.zip 28.65 KB Jun 19 2023
HAUNTED HOUSE: A great IGM (In Game Module)
for LORD 3.5+.  Search the Haunted House,   
find gems, and meet ghosts.  Will you brave
staying at the house overnight?  Doing so   
just might protect you from your enemies.   
From OT-SOFT                                      
Free REGISTRATION until November 1, 1995!         
lhunt101.zip 113.93 KB Jun 19 2023
LORD Hunter v1.01 -- LORD IGM
Looking for a cool IGM for LORD?
Then look no further, you have it!
LORD Hunter is an IGM for LORD,
and its FREEWARE!
life119d.zip 276.38 KB Jun 19 2023
             -=Lord Life V1.18 and up=-     
        A LORD IGM. Adds a whole new dimension 
to your game.  You can chat at Trisnics 
tavern, joust with your horse, kill a lord 
enemy for good, gamble your money, more!
ll120.zip 72.38 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Gumps Magic Shoppe/Lord Looks IGM v1.20=-
This IGM allow you to have 1 - 999 different
looks,  or scenarios availible for your LORD
(Legend Of the Red Dragon) players to choose
from!! - Keeps you game from getting boring!
This version is a _TOTAL_ re-write, extremly
easy to use, and maintain!   Now has support
for seven different files:  LORDTXT, LENEMY,
.DAT files! Many features & only cost $5.00!
From Mullins Software, BBS: 1-918-457-3453!!
lll100.zip 27.08 KB Jun 19 2023
Larissas Lair:  A great IGM (In Game  
Module) for LORD 3.26+.  Meet the beautiful  
Larissa.  With her help, you just may be   
able to kill that nasty dragon!    
From OT-SOFT                                      
lmchap13.zip 43.29 KB Jun 19 2023
Chapel of St George - LoRD IGM
Version 1.3 of this IGM by LM-soft
Visit the chapel and meet several
new characters like the drunken
monk Benedict and Mother Berengaria.
Try some of the herbs in the garden
or take part in the chapels
Card/Freeware by LM-Soft in 1996
lmm100.zip 26.48 KB Jun 19 2023
The Mystified Mage v1.0:  A great IGM (In Game Mod
3.26+.  Have the bummbling mage cast a spell to tr
you in your quest to kill that dragon!  From OT-SO
LNET14D.ZIP 244.02 KB Jun 19 2023
     LordNet v1.4D BETA - LORD Companion
  The second large beta release on the way to
  version 1.5!  Make your LORD Game InterBBS! 
  REQUIRES LORD 3.55+!!!  More features than 
  any other InterBBS Game! Now with extensive
  documentation!  Fully RIPped, Brigades,
  Up to 75,000 players, 999 different zones,
  10+ Coordinator Options -*NOT AVAILABLE*-
  in any other I-BBS Game!  Full Cheat &
  Level Checking! Join the CROWD!
lnet14n.zip 502.88 KB Jun 19 2023
     LordNet v1.4N BETA - LORD Companion
  Another large beta release on the way to
  version 1.5!  Make your LORD Game InterBBS! 
  REQUIRES LORD 3.55+!!!  More features than 
  any other InterBBS Game! Now with extensive
  documentation!  Fully RIPped, Brigades,
  Up to 75,000 players, 999 different zones,
  10+ Coordinator Options -*NOT AVAILABLE*-
  in any other I-BBS Game!  Full Cheat &
  Level Checking! Join the CROWD!
LNET200.ZIP 348.84 KB Jun 19 2023
     LordNet v2.0 BETA - LORD Companion
  Make your LORD Game InterBBS! 
  REQUIRES LORD 3.55+!!!  More features than 
  any other InterBBS Game! Now with extensive
  documentation!  Fully RIPped, Brigades,
  Up to 75,000 players, 999 different zones,
  10+ Coordinator Options -*NOT AVAILABLE*-
  in any other I-BBS Game!  Full Cheat &
  Level Checking! Join the CROWD!
  setup for league 10 use only (setup to run
  over the 200 mhz computer)
LNETKEY.ZIP 1.39 KB Jun 19 2023
Lordnet v?.?? Key Generator
coded & disassembled by dink 96 =)
lordop18.zip 55.71 KB Jun 19 2023
Monopoly for Lord v1.8 - LORD IGM
  납    LORDopoly v1.8          
넵賽霜   From Wonderland Soft    
넴 납  another great LORD       
 霜    IGM. Buy Property in     
   霜  The Realm. Find          
넵 납  Bonuses. Get and pay     
 賽  Rent for where you        
  납  stay. Buy that property   
     Wonderland Software        
  Legend of the Red Dragon      
 MADHATTERBBS (919)736-8005   
lordy11.zip 93.67 KB Jun 19 2023
Lordy 1.1  Lord IGM. Are you really brave
enough to play LORD?
lott201.zip 41.65 KB Jun 19 2023
The Lottery v2.01 -- LORD IGM
Try you hand at winning the 
lottery.Pick 1, pick 3, and  
the big payout, pick 6. Win up
to $10 million! Total rewrite 
to get it to todays standards.
lotto14.zip 45.80 KB Jun 19 2023
   The Mega Buck$ Lottery    
         Version 1.4         
       An IGM for LORD       
     Come on down to the     
  booth and get your ticket  
 to the hottest draw in town 
   illusion software 96   
love130.zip 48.80 KB Jun 19 2023
The Love Shack v1.30 LORD IGM
This is the newest IGM in the line of
products from the author of Violets
Cottage; worth the DL! by Trevor Herndon;
Bug fix edition (v1.20);
RTE200 Patch update version prepared by
Donald Tidmore for Trevor (v1.30).
lpit260.zip 46.08 KB Jun 19 2023
The L.O.R.D. Pit v2.60 LORD IGM
-- Official RTE200 patch revision
Fight monsters in a graphical arena!
MAJOR bug fix version; Now keeps track
of arena fights and arrows;
By Trevor Herndon.
lrdtrv20.zip 273.79 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord Trivia 2.0 an IGM for Lord !
A Super FUN add on for Lord.  Win
Gold + Experience for correct answers.
Includes a question editor. Now buy
hints and fight for correct answers.
lwheel10.zip 91.12 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The Wheel.
How about playing the bonus round?
marty17.zip 115.13 KB Jun 19 2023
     Martys Mercantile IGM 1.7
Shop the mercantile for goodies etc.
Look around to see what you might find
This IGM is free to all but you must call
the support BBS to get your reg code.
merdiv11.zip 117.59 KB Jun 19 2023
-= Land of Merdiqua v1.1 LORD IGM =-
Battle aggressive monsters in the
Forest of Merdiqua, or go after
the big catches in the deep sea.
Break a wild horse in the corral,
or check out the shopping downtown.
And oh, the night life!  No matter
what your preference, youre bound
to meet that special someone.
Installation takes just seconds.
mines112.zip 4.97 KB Jun 19 2023
THE ABANDONED MINES  v1.12 for Legend of the Red D
Theres rumored to be tons of unclaimed gold in th
is also rumored to be lots of ghosts and other dan
only one way to find out if the rewards outweigh t
the Mines.
Requires LORD 3.5+ and The Gateway 1.0+.
By Gary Hartzell
mmv250.zip 55.45 KB Jun 19 2023
   Maldorfs Mountain Version 2.5   
 A FreeWare IGM for Lord Ver 3.26a+ 
 The Legendary Wizard named Maldorf 
 who lives high atop a mountain is  
 here now to help Warriors of Lord  
 in their quest, if they are deemed 
 worthy.  New features include:     
  o As per MANY peoples requests,  
    now in this version!            
  o Re-Wrote User Records.  In the  
    previous versions, a user could 
    change their name repeatedly, & 
    enter Maldorfs more than once  
    per day.  It is fixed now!      
 *FreeWare* Written by Devon Brooks 
moi21.zip 61.32 KB Jun 19 2023
Mirror of Illusion 2.1 IGM
 Enter this strange world the 
 mirror has created. Lots of 
 diffrent and unique adventu 
 res. Updates installation.  
 Set gold values now.          
 Dekka Visions(c) 1996       
mosh.zip 51.85 KB Jun 19 2023
The MoshPit simulates all
the blood, sweat, and 
tears of a real concert!
Are you ready to mosh with
the big boys?  V2.00
Orig - Helmet Inc. Software.
Rewrite by Vagabond Software
msdrm-21.zip 43.05 KB Jun 19 2023
 Midsummers Dream
 Version 2.1
 An IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
 Find the Magical Fairy gathering, and
 spend a few minutes with these fun
 little creatures. 
 Easy to Install and Setup !
 Daimar Systems - David Holderness
mshop252.zip 89.58 KB Jun 19 2023
The Magic Shop v2.52 LORD IGM
A really cool IGM!  Ever want
to kill mean people in higher
levels?  Change your class
without wasting your forest
fights to get to DarkCloak
Tavern?  Protect a friend?
Now is your chance!
Req: Lord 3.50+
by : Steve Oberholtzer
msngr10.zip 75.21 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The Messenger. v1.0
Has anyone seen the messenger around lately?
mys-22.zip 105.90 KB Jun 19 2023
鋏 MYSTiC TOWER 0.2.2 沆
Despair Software Productions
In game Inn, pull some pranks,
humiliate, get laid, talk with
people and get weapons or
mysthut1.zip 41.55 KB Jun 19 2023
The Mysterious Hut Version 1.0
A Lord IGM From Empire Software!  
nc-07p.zip 71.88 KB Jun 19 2023
The Nudist Colony v0.70 LORD IGM
By J.R. Software Corp
** With auto-install batch file added.
nhag100.zip 3.38 KB Jun 19 2023
Nice Hag - LADY script for LORD
niceh110.zip 3.91 KB Jun 19 2023
Nice Hag v1.0 - LADY script for LORD
noad22.zip 75.54 KB Jun 19 2023
NOAD Napping Ocean ADventure Lord IGM
Multi-BBS, Multi-Node, MultiTasking
aware. Lives in it own directory, not
in the Lord directory. 1 minute
installation progam. Fight and live in
an undersea world!  Fight new monsters
get XP, deal with the fish! If 
registered sysop can edit/add monsters
get more fights, Secrets are enabled!
Now you can get some coward out of the 
Inn\IGM where they are hiding from you.
Full online mail! by Allyn Cross
oasis-09.zip 49.55 KB Jun 19 2023
The Oasis of El-Sayal
 Version 1.09
 A new IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
 Trade, intrigue, and ancient mysteries.
 Explore the southern deserts and solve
 the various quests. 
   Negative bug has been fixed!!
 Daimar Systems - David Holderness
obo.zip 38.84 KB Jun 19 2023
OBO will sell you EVERYTHING!  From
horses and hitpoints to Charm and
Strength!  Also, you can even buy
additional visits to Seth and 
Violet!  AND, as an added bonus,
you may even buy a safe room to
stay, safe from ALL ATTACKS!
Another fine product by PCTech 1996
olman21.zip 32.34 KB Jun 19 2023
Old   Man   IGM  2.1:  for   LORD   3.26+
   An    animated   test of archery,  and
fair  prizes,   unlike   some other  IGMs
Fixes   kids,  re-entry,  and  some  menu
Has  been  downloaded  over  1,000  times
off of SARs The Darkside!
OLMAN22.ZIP 33.47 KB Jun 19 2023
Old Man v2.20 LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update
Old Man for LORD v3.26+.
An animated test of archery, and
fair prizes, unlike some other IGMs.
Fixes kids, re-entry, and some menu
omc10.zip 81.39 KB Jun 19 2023
 The Old Mans Cave            v1.0  
 An IGM for LORD, gives warriors tips
 secrets and all of types of stuff.  
 Running conversation was well.      
 Written at The Roman Empire BBS     
    by: William Turner               
ouths13.zip 34.78 KB Jun 19 2023
    The Outhouse ver 1.30
     An IGM for L.O.R.D.
Easy to setup, has RIP support
     **** FREEWARE ****
This ver fixes the invalid config error
outs14.zip 99.75 KB Jun 19 2023
The Outlands Tavern v1.4 LORD IGM
For LORD 3.50+ - A nice little place to
visit or perhaps to stay the night!
Keeps users (mostly) safe and warm
during the night, plus they can talk
and PARTY! Uses LORD v3.55s
BADWORDS.DAT file, and includes a hard
to get into Back Room! The RHP system
lets you add to it!
Updates:  Experience rewards are
reduced.  Music Switch and Food Taste
events rewards now have max. limits.
RHP script events are executed randomly.
Enhanced handling of player fights.
IGM is fully tested under LORD v4.06
and v4.07 beta.
FREEWARE, from the author of LordStat
and RHPTest utilities;  The L.O.R.D.
Cavern, and The Gateway IGMs.  Created
by Jason Brown.  Maintained by Donald
Tidmore. Email: jmbrown@pcisys.net,
  Fidonet: 1:123/450
para1991.zip 37.16 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Pleasures Paradise 1.99守=-
     Lotsa BUG fixes.
A wicked LORD IGM for LORD
3.26+. You can do drugs,
drink booze, and get laid.
頰Despair Sofware 95頰
pawn0119.zip 107.77 KB Jun 19 2023
 THE PAWN SHOP V1.2  By Camroc
- Fast and easy installation.
- Complements LORD, not ruins it!
- Interesting storyline.
- Buy weapons, armour, and other
  items and services.
- Talk to the employees.
PAWN400.ZIP 479.91 KB Jun 19 2023
The Pawn Shop v4.00 LORD IGM
** Officially released on Sept. 05th, 2008.
** By Donald Tidmore.  ** Freeware,
** Includes SHOPEDIT IGM utility.
Visit the Shop and become its owner.  Visit
Weapons Shop, Armoury, ATM;  Resurrect Dead
Warriors, Rob Vault, Buy Mercenaries, Visit
Wendy.  Special privileges for Sysop User.
See PAWNSHOP.TXT for info. ** For DOS LORD.
pawnigm.zip 75.99 KB Jun 19 2023
  *** Apus Pawn Shop v1.0 ***
A cool LORD IGM by Justin Manning.
Allows players to buy weapons and
armour at discounts, sell weapons,
and attack Apu, among other things.
A great addition to any LORD game.
Call RED-LINE BBS at 703.404.2615
pbar-11.zip 90.56 KB Jun 19 2023
-= Phils Bar v1.1 - LORD IGM =-
 A really nice takeoff on the Inn Of
 The Red Dragon (Has a Slot Machine)
 and Girls :-) Registration is $5.00
 Author:Tom Phillips 1:2607/303 Fido
 t.phillips@phil.node99.com Internet
 -Phils Place IV 610 252-6223 -
ped30.zip 55.45 KB Jun 19 2023
The Fairy Peddler 3.0
by Children of Galaexy
Complete rewrite,better
than ever..check it out!
phan217.zip 205.87 KB Jun 19 2023
Make your way past the Skeletons to capture
the Key from the Phantom in the Cemetery.
Enter the Mausoleum and see if you can
survive the plunge through the Deep Abyss. 
Find the Treasure or Rescue the Victim if
you can survive the Creatures that await
you in the Catacombs. Earn Bonus Quests!
------------------= * =---------------------
phaze15.zip 187.53 KB Jun 19 2023
=-=-=-The Purple Haze LORD IGM v1.5 -=-=-=
The most complete LORD IGM out there!  
There is a bank, a healer, trainers, flirting,
drinking, eating, getting information, a good
black jack game, a madman, a bathroom, brawls,
money, special events that happen randomly,
getting a date, and much much more.  Also
it detects if you have LORD in clean mode and
it will go in clean mode and change to a more
a cleaner IGM.  Also is gender aware so the
IGM is fun for either sex.  The IGM is only
5 bucks for registration so its worth a look.
Easy to install!  Uncripled Shareware!
New for 1.5: New menus and a better brawl.
Written by Andy Phillips and Jake Heule.
picnic10.zip 80.92 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The Picnic.
Has that vulture been bothering you?
pmv14.zip 53.26 KB Jun 19 2023
    -=-=Players Market v.14=-=-         
An IGM for LORD. Multi-BBS, Multi-Node,  
MultiTasking Aware and can be in its own 
directory. A great place to buy and sell 
almost any item you want, and for the    
price you want! If you have Dragons     
Breath Mountain IGM installed, you can   
integrate the two!                       
**Fixes the "F1 for command" bug**       
**Easy installation and configuration!** 
        * * **FREEWARE!** * *            
Written By: Ricky Friesen
poor10.zip 74.96 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... The Poor House.
A little help when you really need it...
psyc0inn.zip 53.32 KB Jun 19 2023
 -=-Psyc0s Inn-=- A LORD IGM V1.0
Flirt With Psyc0, Or Valerie The
Vampire.  Live Chat,with actions
Chat Wall, Interal IGM Mail, An
Attack Proof Inn, Daily News, and
more... Try it today.
(c) 1996 ErnisseSoft Productions.
ptshp10a.zip 41.38 KB Jun 19 2023
 The Red Dragon Pet Shop v1.0a LORD IGM
    Freeware IGM where users can sell
    their weapons and buy an animal
    to replace them.
pvalley.zip 150.35 KB Jun 19 2023
Pleasant Valley IGM for LORD 3.55+
qwkmrt11.zip 78.69 KB Jun 19 2023
         *** QUIK-E-MART for LORD ***
                 Version 1.1
Another program by Chuck Charpentier.  IGM for Lor
weeze the juice, steal from the clerk, eat donuts,
use the restroom, eat candy, make faces at the cam
and more.  Pretty nice, no registration!.
Call RED-LINE BBS at 703.404.2615
races22.zip 83.87 KB Jun 19 2023
Races 2.2   Lord IGM 
How about a trip to the horse races! 
racetrk2.zip 42.59 KB Jun 19 2023
Strong Man Is Race Trek 2.00 beta
This IGM lets users take there horses
a race track to win money.  Users Also
can take a nap in the stable Search a 
grave yard, and leave messages behind 
for other users.  100% FREEware.
raven-23.zip 53.17 KB Jun 19 2023
Forest of the Raven
 Version 2.3
 An IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
 Explore the Northern Forest and try to 
 find the Castle of the Raven Queen ... 
   Anti-cheat System,
   Random Events, Magic Weapons, Riddles,
   ANSI combat sequence.
   Easy Set-up !
 Daimar Systems - David Holderness
rdcas16.zip 209.30 KB Jun 19 2023
-=*> Red Dragon Casino  Lord IGM <*=-
Copyright (c) 1995 by William Atwell
RD casino is a add on module for LORD
Updated version a few small bug fixes
Now has a lottery where you could win
millions if you pick the right numbers
easy to update from 1.5. 
realm100.zip 58.67 KB Jun 19 2023
栢宏께껑굅것Realm of Immortals叩갚굉께背栢
쳐봬컴컴컴      IGM v1.00      컴컴컴캤캑
      Realm of Immortals v1.00 for    
        Legend of The Red Dragon      
          for version 3.26+           
  The largest IGM to date. More to    
  find, more games, humour, and raw   
  entertainment than any other IGM!   
읕崙컴컴췔ake your LORD a Party!!!컴컴崙
redwd3.zip 63.30 KB Jun 19 2023
Redwood Restaurant & Tavern v2.00
This LORD IGM lets the weary adventurer
get a frosty pint of ale and a fine
meal.  Come for the companionship, to
meet other famous warriors, and fair
ladies.  Gamble dice games in the
backroom.  Use the bathroom, start
brawls, many random events to explore.
Brad Carson: the_carse@hotmail.com
Recompiled to fix RTE200 code.
Freeware release.
rflct11.zip 77.60 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... Reflections 
The battle of your lives.... 
rgwrldv2.zip 56.23 KB Jun 19 2023
컴훀oDGeRs WoRLd v.2瘙컴
A IGM for LoRD v3.26+
This is the IGM that will make you laugh
your ass off. Yes its Mentos aka Rodger
world of hell. This IGM makes fun of him
cuz he thinks he is eLiTe, and when in
fact the bbs world cant stand him. Taste
his home made wine. FREEWARE.
rhpsv5.zip 73.35 KB Jun 19 2023
.Rocky Horror v.5守.
 A IGM for LoRD v3.26+
Rocky Horror a great flick in movieland!
Do the Time Warp, sign a book, make a big
anouncements to all in lord, and more. You
can get gold, experience and ????. You can 
never be to sure what you will get when you
play this IGM. Fun 4 all the family.
Support bbs Dreamland 818.991.1520
Web http://www.three-d.net/dore
IRC Efnet #DoRE or #DoRENET
rnr20.zip 115.85 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord in game Module. Rest and relaxation.
Visit Violets house of ill repute, or
Turgeons pleasure palace for the ladies.
Shouldnt offend any users, save perhaps the
very youngest.
robin401.zip 171.92 KB Jun 19 2023
Robin Hood v4.01
Visit Robin and His Merry Bunch. 
1st IGM from the Sysop Of Hellas BBS
And League 444 Fame.  Visit today and
have fun.  16 nodes on Fast Cable Line.
TelNet:  hellasbbs.com or visit our web
page for the latest version at:
http://www.hellasbbs.com - FREEWARE
This is the final release-Working on v5.00
rol144.zip 119.18 KB Jun 19 2023
*** REALM oF LORE v1.44 *** LORD IGM ***
One of THE BEST IGMs for LORD! Multiple
regions for players to conquest. Many
foes to battle and treasures to find. A
MUST PLAY for the serious LORD fan!
Change Class, Learn Skills, Trade
Weapons & Armors, Campsites & MUCH More!
santa13.zip 73.71 KB Jun 19 2023
A Visit To Santa Claus 1.30 LORD IGM
-- Docs/Batch file update
Seasons  Greetings from the  people 
at New Realm Interactive!   We hope
you all enjoy this seasonal IGM for
Legend of the Red Dragon.   You can
visit the North Pole,  sit on Santa
or Mrs. Claus lap, and more!  And,
as always, this IGM is FREE.
 FREEWARE by New Realm Interactive
 By Charles Mandeville.
sbar102.zip 74.21 KB Jun 19 2023
       Sandtigers Bar v1.02 - LORD IGM
    The first LORD IGM returns in a virtually
    bugless state! :)  3 Gambling Games, new
    Weapons & Armor, Much More!  by SOS!
sc201-1.zip 28.86 KB Jun 19 2023
Seths Cottage v2.01- A LORD IGM
Female oriented IGM.
Faster data routines!
school10.zip 77.43 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... ye olde schoolhouse 
Are you ready to be tested? 
seas2001.zip 84.79 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... Tis the Season
Xmas 2001 LORD IGM. Will you 
help the little warriors
again this year?
sfairy26.zip 52.93 KB Jun 19 2023
-=-=-SunShines Fairy Land v2.6-=-=-
  IGM for Seth Ables game, Legend
  Of The Red Dragon "LORD".  Visit
  SunShines Fairy Land and try to
  catch a Fairy. Checkout Sunshines
  General Store or try to win one
  of 8 different prizes, by guessing
  the number SunShine is thinking of.
  Added commas to most amounts. Now
  limits fairy tries to 5, has tons
  of error checking to prevent any
  negative values, also has higher
  default prices in SunShines General
  Store, which are sysop configurable,
  with registration of only $5.
sha210p.zip 35.63 KB Jun 19 2023
Shauna, The Princess of Sorcery
L.O.R.D. IGM version 2.10p
- Authorized RTE200 patch
Ask Shauna for her magical powers
and she may grant your wish!
Now supports L.O.R.D. 3.50!
A lot less generous to avoid
in imbalance in L.O.R.D.
- FREEWARE - by David Simmons.
ship009.zip 166.45 KB Jun 19 2023
Dragons Bone Shipyards v0.09 Beta - WiseGuy
Software.  This is an IGM for Legend of the 
Red Dragon(LORD).  Visit the Temple of Yog 
or Cross the Reality Barrier.  Travel to 
other realms (to come) or search for 
monsters on the Neverending Sea.
shrwd12.zip 79.89 KB Jun 19 2023
Sherwood Forest 1.2   Lord IGM 
Meet up with Robin Hood, Friar Tuck... 
sinchrch.zip 40.21 KB Jun 19 2023
-=-=-=-SinCity Church v1.0-=-=-=-=-=-
  IGM for Seth Ables game, Legend
  Of The Red Dragon "LORD".  Visit
  SinCity Church where you can
  confess your sins, give to the
  poor, or get gold if your poor,
  and ask the priest to pray for
  you.  Plus, you can rob the poor
  pot!  Beware of "Goola" the two
  and a half headed ork!  If you
  kill em, you get lots of Gold.
  See if you can find the secrets
  that await you in SinCity Church!
skc_1s.zip 76.97 KB Jun 19 2023
version 1.0 - Joust with the Knights of 
the castle!  Post anonymous messages in 
the Daily Happenings!  Visit the the 
Dungeon! and MUCH MORE!!!  Features
level-based awards, clean mode, install
and uninstall programs that really work, 
and a few secret options.  Well-tested 
and well-written - your LORD fanatics 
WILL love it!  
Compiled 11/95 - Shareware - Try me!!!!!
skigm10.zip 37.37 KB Jun 19 2023
Ski  Resort V1.00:  for  LORD  3.50+
  LORDs first ski resort, featuring
animated skiing, fair rewards(unlike
some  other IGMs),  and even a  ski
skill104.zip 54.56 KB Jun 19 2023
Skill Training Center v1.04 - LORD IGM.
An IGM that allows users to gain extra skill point
games.  Now works with all drop file types that ar
by LORD.  Includes three games:
* Tic Tac Toe      * Target practice        * The 
Only allows one use per day.            FREEWARE G
skull022.zip 82.42 KB Jun 19 2023
Old Skull Inn 0.22 -- LORD IGM
IGM for LORD that allows:
 * Players to Arm Wrestle
 * Play 654
 * Sneak a peak at other player stats
   in a form of top player lists!
 * Bank
 * Crystal Shard Lotto!
 * Visit the Wine Cellar!!!
   Find the Wine and gain a
   nice reward!  But, BEWARE!
   You will encounter other
   monsters on your quest, up
   to FOUR at one time!
 * COMPLETELY configurable!
   You can make this IGM have
   big or little impack on the game!
 * Full multi-node support!
SHAREWARE -- Fully functionally
when unregistered! -- $4.00
slott101.zip 34.84 KB Jun 19 2023
  Seths Lotto v1.01 - LORD IGM
 Buy a lottery ticket once a
 a day and maybe hit it big.
 2 sec install, minimal impact
SLOTTO10.ZIP 85.03 KB Jun 19 2023
     Seths Lotto - LORD IGM
 Another IGM by Joseph Masters
 with full source code. Minimal
 game impact. 2sec Install.
smplord2.zip 137.51 KB Jun 19 2023
From the Smugglers Cove BBs (904) 682-7516
Second release.. fixed hanging up bbs on exiting! 
sndbar20.zip 64.26 KB Jun 19 2023
Sandtigers Bar v2.0 -- LORD IGM
Sandtigers Bar v2.0 from Gerald
sommer20.zip 41.72 KB Jun 19 2023
Sommers Shiny Things v2.0
a LORD IGM.  **Freeware**
Written by: Shawn Tiny Highfield
Recompiled and Updated by Vagabond
Software. http://www.vbsoft.org
Please contact vagabond@vbsoft.org
for support.
spelbind.zip 76.33 KB Jun 19 2023
SPELLBINDER 1.01a ALPHA LORD IGM SpellBinder freew
stable15.zip 110.23 KB Jun 19 2023
 LORD Stables IGM Ver 1.5 for LORD 3.53+
 An IGM for LORD that lets players buy 
 and sell horses!  Sounds kinda dumb, 
 but useful for SysOps that like to keep 
 cheating to a minimum by running few or 
 no IGMs.  I think I did a good job 
 cuz Im one of those SysOps!  Lots 
 of bug fixes from previous releases!  
 Much better now!
 Written by: Jason Kyle Parish
stores10.zip 51.39 KB Jun 19 2023
갚꾼 LORD Stores IGM 昉굅 Allow users to buy extra
in you LORD game!  Prices are Sysop configureable.
Installs to MegaIGM or 3rdparty.dat!
Registration is $10.00.
stron133.zip 29.88 KB Jun 19 2023
        Strong Man Is Love Shack V.1.31 Beta
           Freeware Lord IGM By Space Dude
                           aka. CCC
          Marry your Sweetheart W/O the 100 
        Charm Rating and Write Romantic Mail!
strport2.zip 64.33 KB Jun 19 2023
From the Smugglers Cove BBs (904) 682-7516
Your players will enjoy this cool parody of
the starwars trilogy!  STARPORT!!!
Contains last of minor bug fixes from version 1.
stuff10.zip 38.77 KB Jun 19 2023
-=Buy/Sell Stuff v1.0 LORD IGM=-
Copyright (C) 1995 Chad Schwartz
This IGM allows you to buy/sell
stuff just like you are in a store.
Hope you like it!
sub200.zip 96.33 KB Jun 19 2023
LORD Suburbia v2.00 -- a LORD IGM.
Buy your own cottage in the woods of
LORD!  Visit the Church, deposit
gold at the Bank. Talk to the Law
Man.  Spy on neighbors!  Major bug
fix/update!  9th Full Release!
tal11.zip 46.99 KB Jun 19 2023
Talent for the Skill v1.1 IGM
 A training grounds for the  
 3 skills of lords.          
  Can only be entered once a 
 Dekka Visions(c) 1995       
tbhv101.zip 41.87 KB Jun 19 2023
The Bounty Hunters, ver. 1.01 beta, IGM for
Legend of the Red Dragon
terror20.zip 61.85 KB Jun 19 2023
Terror Extreme LORD IGM   2.0
Gas, and  torture    innocent
or guilty   bystanders at the
Dark Cloak Tavern!  Users can
develop many Traps/Gasses  to
play with!  This version   is
dated 01-07-97.
thouse30.zip 50.69 KB Jun 19 2023
-=> Turgeons House v3.00 LORD IGM <=-
FREEWARE - Find Armour, Weapons, Gems,
Trouble, and all the other attributes
in L.O.R.D.!  Recompiled and released
by original author in late April 2002.
Mike Ciesiensky: skidog@crystalcore.net
timelord.zip 49.16 KB Jun 19 2023
TimeLord v1.0b - Lord IGM 3.26+.
Travel into the future, visit the
Dragon Museum, try a Virtual Sex
Suite and more.
FREEWARE from Australia!
tkd11.zip 50.37 KB Jun 19 2023
The Kings Dilemma 1.1 IGM 
 Help the king of Serin out.   
 A giant has been stealing    
 his towns food, and he needs 
 your help!  Play as either   
 a Hunter or a Fisherman
 Fixes install bug and
 reward bugs.
 Multi-Node Aware               
 Dekka Visions(c) 1996        
tlord19.zip 70.81 KB Jun 19 2023
        TeamLord v1.9  LORD IGM 
   At last!  Runs teams through Lord!
   Rivalry never had it so good!  
   Long Awaited Bug Fix!
   From the IGM Experts -- TrentSoft
tomc152b.zip 51.81 KB Jun 19 2023
-=*> The Old Mans Church Lord IGM <*=-
Copyright (c) 1995 by Billy England
Marry, divorce, purchase strange brews.
Harems!!  v1.52b now is LoRD color code
compliant!  And allows you to exchange
marriage vows with other players.
trans11c.zip 18.23 KB Jun 19 2023
=============L.O.R.D. IGM===============
this one is called "Pool of
========STARFLEET SUPPLY================
trick101.zip 4.83 KB Jun 19 2023
TRICK OR TREAT  v1.01 for Legend of the Red Dragon
Its your favorite night of the year -- Halloween 
biggest bag you could find, throw a white sheet ov
the door! 
Have fun, but be careful of poisoned goodies!
Requires LORD 3.5+ and The Gateway 1.0+.
trivia.zip 40.14 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord Trivia is a program that will test
your users knowledge of LORD By answering
questions about LORD, they may win up to
40,000,000 gold pieces. (Registered games only)
$5.00 Reg Fee
turdun19.zip 53.72 KB Jun 19 2023
袴袴   TURGONS DUNGEON V 1.9  袴袴袴敲
  쒘全d of the Red Dragon add on     
  utility from Wonderland Software.   
  Help set Gwendyln free. Gamble with 
  the Realms guards. Find the hidden  
  Thieves Guild. Explore the dungeon  
  all while gaining experience,       
  gold and rewards from the fair      
  Gwendyln. Another great add on to   
  enhance your game for the users.    
        WONDERLAND SOFTWARE           
   MAD HATTER BBS (919) 736-8005      
turttb12.zip 52.37 KB Jun 19 2023
袴袴   TURGONS XXX BAR V 1.2  袴袴袴敲
  쒘全d of the Red Dragon add on     
  utility from Wonderland Software.   
  This is an ADULT XXX rated In Game  
  Module. Journey to the bar, take    
  the guys or girls home. Full support
  for both Men and Women in this great
  IGM. Graphics and jokes as you      
  explore the game. Not recommended   
  for non-adult games.  ( XXX -rated )
        WONDERLAND SOFTWARE           
   MAD HATTER BBS (919) 736-8005      
tvill111.zip 115.69 KB Jun 19 2023
TVILL110.ZIP   ThomasVille v1.11
Supports Clean Mode & BADWORDS.DAT
censoring when renaming weapons,
Banking, Play Poker, Fight in caves,
Lots more!  MANY sysop configurable
features!  ThomasVille supports
multi-node, non standard IRQs, and
multi-generational LORD support up to
and including the current 3.5X series.
underv12.zip 39.15 KB Jun 19 2023
-=-=-=-The Underground v1.02b-=-=-=- LORD IGM
Another IGM for LORD with all new
features, such as a bar where players
can buy drinks to increase hitpoints and
experiance! **This Fixes DOOR.SYS Read 
and Hitpoints bugs**
v0rea200.zip 174.34 KB Jun 19 2023
Vanadias Arena of Warriors 2.00 (tm) IGM 
The first IGM in the Realm of Vanadia Series
battles and chat in the Inter-IGM arena, 
support for all BBSs and comm routines LORD 
supports, original ANSI art, RIP, hundreds of 
NPCs and chat actions.  Will launch the other
5 IGMs in the series and Inter-LORD if 
present.  Now POSTCARDWARE
v1ban200.zip 267.32 KB Jun 19 2023
Bandas Boardinghouse of Vanadia(tm) 2.00 IGM
Users may explore the large Boardinghouse, play so
great ANSI poker, bet on the cock fights, 
write on the wall, explore upstairs, meet a 
date, dance, battle, or visit the Gypsy 
Trailer where they may curse other users, 
learn their fate, and spy.  Has RIP Support,
archives for the artwork, supports CLEAN mode
and works correctly with Major BBS! Postcardware
v2gyp200.zip 263.93 KB Jun 19 2023
The Gypsy Camp of Vanadia TM 2.00 Inter-IGM
Users may visit with the gypies, receive readings,
explore vast caves, meet a powerful 
sorceress, navigate a river, try knife  
throwing, find the snake den, buy and sell
items found in the caverns, store gold and
gems in the caverns and MUCH MORE!  RIP
support and Part of The Realm of Vanadia
Series of IGMs!  PostcardWare
v3for200.zip 281.89 KB Jun 19 2023
The Haunted Forests of Vanadia TM 2.00 IGM
The Haunted Forest is a vast maze for users to exp
There are many new monsters, and they can
even create their own to inhabit the forest.
They can find fairies in a cave (if they are
lucky), meet the hermit, learn spells and go
on quests for the emchantress.  There are
many secrets to be discovered and lots to do.
ANSI & RIP support.  PostcardWare
v4dis200.zip 204.95 KB Jun 19 2023
Shepleys Distractions of Vanadia TM 20
Inter-IGM  Will run independently or with The 
Realm of Vanadia series of Inter-IGMs.  
Shepley is an odd little man, but he enjoys
playing games.  Pay a gem and get to play
a few of his 15 games.  Games of all types;
Card Games, Number Games, Animations, and
Word Games.  Most of them have never been 
seen before!  An excellent distraction from
your typical LORD day! PostcardWare
v5med200.zip 189.62 KB Jun 19 2023
The Medieval Tournament of Vanadia TM 2.00
LORD IGM Eightunique and addictive ANSI Arcade 
Games provide the basis for the tournament.  
Become the best in your realm and receive a bonus 
for the day!  Your users have never seen an 
IGM like this before!  This IGM is excellent 
for Inter-LORD, and has support that will 
allow blind callers using voice terminals to 
play all the games!!  PostcardWare
valev16.zip 73.75 KB Jun 19 2023
The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.6
-- LORD IGM. Docs/Batch file update.
Vampire of Shadow Vale 1.5:
  Its finally out of beta!
An entirely new IGM for Seth Ables
immensely popular door game, Legend
of the Red Dragon.  Visit a Vampire
lord in Shadow Vale to gain lots of
different things!   But be careful,
every time you do, you lose some of
your life force.
FREEWARE from New Realm Interactive
By Charles Mandeville
violet53.zip 53.40 KB Jun 19 2023
Violets Cottage v5.30 LORD IGM
Romp through the forest with Violets
family!  This update contains improved
file i/o, updated comm drivers, and
color code support!  Unreg bug fixed!
by Trevor Herndon;
RTE200 Patch update version 5.30 done
by Donald Tidmore on Trevors behalf.
visn21.zip 89.79 KB Jun 19 2023
Lord IGM... Visions 2.1   
(Visions of the Past)
Pre Red Dragon days. Fighting
to protect your livestock and
search for a magical item.
vlad41sw.zip 86.69 KB Jun 19 2023
-= Vlads Castle 4.1 LORD IGM =-
Wide-Delta Release W/ MAJOR BUG FIX
Remote testing appreciated. Fixed
major remote bug!!!
votp-15a.zip 312.99 KB Jun 19 2023
The Village of the Phoenix 1.5a WB - LORD In Game 
Sysops can now control prices.  RIP graphics,
dozen places to go, hidden areas.
w1-290b4.zip 100.17 KB Jun 19 2023
  Wise One v2.90 b3 - LORD IGM (BETA)
  The Wise Old Man Atop a 
 mountain.  Will he help you?  
 A Crazy Boy Production
war120.zip 70.94 KB Jun 19 2023
Warriors Village 1.20  LORD IGM
   Enter the Warriors Village   
  This is simple the BEST IGM  
   by: Xavier (Ian Stone)        
wguy120.zip 44.00 KB Jun 19 2023
Wise Guy is a freeware IGM which allows LORD
players to visit the Wise Guy once a day to
ask for help with many areas such as gold,
experience, and charm. How often they receive
help and how much they are given is based
solely upon SysOp configuration, although
the default numbers are quite fair. v1.2 ads
a fairy request and a simple dart game!
 Adamax Creations  http://www.acreations.com
wl-v11.zip 72.45 KB Jun 19 2023
The Warlock of Shadow Vale v1.10
 -- LORD IGM. Docs/batch file update.
   Warlock of Shadow Vale v1.0:
The legends are true!  There WAS an
evil  warlock in  Shadow Vale  that 
destroyed Shadow Village.  But that
incident changed him, and now he is
truely good, and is  continuing his
experiments in an  effort to  bring
the  Village  back.   But he is not
opposed to helping some adventurers
in their  studies.   Just dont get 
him mad, or he will make you pay...
 FREEWARE by New Realm Interactive
 By Charles Mandeville
wow253b.zip 76.37 KB Jun 19 2023
-= Weapons Of War v2.53b =- 
     IGM for LORD 3.26+
Warriors can buy and rename Weapons and Armour, dr
play Russian Roulette, Adopt children from other p
cility for gold, gems, Forest and Player fights. F
we have Dr Sorebutt. To help you relax, have a spa
 children. Is now Sysop configurable. Use MacDonal
if you can find it).  Local display of the cheats 
ne aware.
One of the most popular IGMs around so get it now
A L L M O S T   F R E E W A R E ! ! ! 
ww-lr013.zip 91.95 KB Jun 19 2023
        LORDs Realm v0.13 
Lords Realm Is An Online Utility BBS
Door Or Can Be Installed As An IGM For
The Door Game Called Legend Of The Red
Dragon v3.53+. Banking, Casino, Gym,
Store, Well And An Underground! Many
Options = Much Fun! Multi-Node Support.
Read The Whats.new File For Upgrading.
Supports All Of The Most Popular File
Formats: Spitfire, TriBBS, PCBoard,
GAP, RBBS, Wildcat & WWIV.
                   By: Wolverine Wares
ww301p-1.zip 42.99 KB Jun 19 2023
RTE200 patched update.
Werewolf IGM for LORD v3.55.
Transform into a werewolf to
kill other players and
desecrate their dead bodies,
eat kids, kill horses!
More SysOp configurable!
w_isle21.zip 52.27 KB Jun 19 2023
           Lord IGM
RimWell Isle of Witches for the
DoorGame Lord.  Multi-BBS,Multi-Node,
MultiTasking aware. Lives in it own
directory, not in the Lord directory. 1
minute installation progam.  The Witches
may help or hurt you as they see fit.
The registered version of this IGM is
Winable! by Allyn Cross
xenon20.zip 128.31 KB Jun 19 2023
Xenons Town Square v2.0 - LORD IGM, was
written to provide  users with  a  place
to  store GOLD, GEMS, CHILDREN and their
HORSE. To those of you familiar with the
IGMs that  allow  players to steal  from
other players, this IGM can  be helpful.
Xenons   Town  Square  was  written  in
QuickBasic 4.5 using QWKIGM  programming
library for IGMs, (c) Ballistic Labs.
           Now FREEWARE!!!
xmas100.zip 3.21 KB Jun 19 2023
MERRY CHRISTMAS v1.0 for Legend of the Red Dragon
Were you a good boy/girl this year?  Santa may rew
gold -- or maybe, even a fairy -- in your stocking
By Gary Hartzell
Requires LORD 3.5+ and The Gateway IGM 1.0+
zts09a.zip 85.31 KB Jun 19 2023
Zephyr Town Square v0.9a LORD IGM
v0.9a - 9/12/1996
A nifty combination IGM.
Lottsa cool stuff to do!
You MUST unzip this into its own
Req: Lord 3.50+
by: Steve Oberholtzer