DDMR_111.zip 151.34 KB Jun 19 2023
   Digital Distortion Message Reader v1.11
           For Synchronet 3.15+
A message reader script that provides a
scrollable reader interface for ANSI users.
Will fall back to a non-scrollable interface
for non-ANSI users.  Also supports listing
messages, message area choosing, message
scanning and searching, and batch delete.
Release date: 2016-03-25
tbg4mys0716.zip 29.01 KB Jun 19 2023
= The Telnet & Dial-Up BBS Guide - 7/16 =
        = July 2016 Edition =
     % Mystic BBS List Version %
This file contains the Telnet BBS Guide in the
Mystic BBSs native BBS List format.
The largest active Telnettable BBS listing!
Detailed listings on nearly 400 Telnet BBS listing
Also includes US/Canada Dial-Up BBS list.
NetRunner Freeware Telnet Client included.
Maintained by The BBS Corner at: